The Pentagon had an email security problem. The pandemic fixed it.

A leak in the system happened within private emails and conversations getting exposed within businesses and the government. The Defense Department realized they needed to fix this serious issue from happening again and made it a top priority to solve it. After nearly a year of trying to fix this issue, the DoD finally came up with a system called STARTTLS to help eliminate the problem.

Dems ready to leap on Biden’s $1.9T Covid aid plan as final vote nears

The law that Biden has made for the $1.9 trillion dollar package for the pandemic aid is being processed and will be ready as soon as Tuesday. There is a chance that it will be a day late, due to Democratic lawmakers and aids preparing things to finalize it. They have announced that despite the delay, it will have no effect on the booted jobless benefits that are expiring this upcoming weekend.

CDC cuts travel advice from guidelines for vaccinated people

On Monday, the CDC released new guidelines for vaccinated people. They stated that if you have received a Covid-19 shot, you are able to socialize and be around others without your mask if the other person you are with is also vaccinated. They went on to share more information about what they are doing to help stop the spread and remain cautious.